We say farewell to Rev. Reeva

Saying goodbye is always difficult, as we discovered as when we said farewell to Rev. Reeva Mulder on 21 January 2018. Rev. Reeva left us to take on the position of Rector of St. Paul’s Rondebosch.

A service was held on the 21st at 3pm for parishioners and organisations to say farewell to Rev. Reeva. The service was emotional and beautiful, and slightly opened the window to what Rev. Reeva meant to us these past couple of months.

We asked some members of our Facebook community about their best memories of Rev. Reeva, and this is what they had to say:

A real blessing to have been able to work alongside this caring, loving and to echo what Edwina says to always go the extra mile to assist anybody who is in need. Go well Rev Reeva and let God guide you as you continue your journey at St Paul’s, Rondebosch I will truly miss you. A quote that reminds me of this special lady “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. – Edward Everett Hale.” – Diane Anthony

“How do you say goodbye to someone who impacted your life in such a short time? A humble servant who had compassion and who gave guidance when needed who really went the extra mile.We will surely miss you Rev and thank God for times you could be at our bedside in hospital or home. We will treasure the memories…wishing you well in your new parish you will be a blessing to St Paul’s.” – Bronwen Williams

“Truly a blessing to the St Cyprians family! Always went/goes the extra mile to accommodate or assist whoever needed her. Love her “never give up” spirit. Will be missed and we wish her well at her new parish.” – Edwina Ward

“I am going to miss you Revd Reeva. I loved your sermons where you always had a story to tell. Be blessed at your new parish. Continue to be obedient to God’s call on your life. May His grace and mercy go with you. May God guide and protect you always. Lots of love” – Jade Marinus

“Blessed to know that Rev.Reeva was apart of my confirmation 2017. May God continue to guide you to be of guidance to others in Jesus name.” – Shanice James

“Crying already. Its because of Rev Reeva’s impact on my life that I am now where I am suppose to be. Will never forget her words to me,” baby steps Sharon” that’s why I think I’m the oldest MA, on my way to become a Lay Minister. Thank you Reverend. Wishing you well in your new parish. I will surely miss you and your guidance.” – Sharon Sherry

“I will always treasure Rev Reeva. She was so willing to assist whenever her help was required. I am going to miss you kindred spirit Rev” – Evangeline Watkins

“She is a real gem- one of the rarest” – Quentin D. Pretorious