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We believe that God has given each person unique talents, abilities and passions. One of the most fulfilling ways to use those abilities and passions is in volunteering.

There are so many ways to serve in an area you are passionate about here at the church.

We are looking for people to serve St Cyprian’s Church by being the first happy, smiling and welcoming face that people meet on Sunday mornings. This includes ushers.

Servants of the Sanctuary, commonly known as Altar Servers are boys, girls, men and
women who assist the Celebrant, Deacon and Lay Ministers in the celebration of the Holy
Eucharist, as well as at other worship services.
Servers are usually members of the laity, but might include some who are in training for the priesthood. The role
of servers is very important. Serving helps to strengthen the faith of the server.
Servers serve at all the Sunday Holy Eucharist and also during the special weekday services.
Servers are appointed by the Rector after they receive the necessary training. They receive
spiritual training and also learn to be disciplined, orderly and confident in the presence of the

St Cyprian’s has a wonderful group of people that offers a warm welcome to our church community. That includes special events that take place at the church. We are in need of people to help before, during and after these events. This includes decorating, cooking, baking and setup/tear down. If you have a heart to help in this way we would love to get you connected

Volunteers are assigned to arrange flowers for Sunday morning and other special services during the year.  We also have fun getting together as a group at Easter and Christmas to decorate the church for these special occasions.

The media team helps the church tell the story of the gospel through web design, photography, video and writing. We are always looking for people who are creative and can assist us.

Sacristans set up for Sunday services, funerals and weddings with the proper sacramentals for the celebrant. They are responsible for cleaning and dusting the sanctuary and altars, for replacing candles, and for keeping both the priests’ albs and servers’ robes clean and repaired.

There are many opportunities to volunteer as it takes many hands working together to assist in this ministry. Consider joining the sacristans on Saturday mornings Volunteers help with light dusting, watering, filling water fonts, maintaining the flower arrangements and any other details that ready the church for the weekend Masses.

Readers at St Cyprian’s Church participate in both Sunday services in a spirit of joyful, reverent worship and service. Their role is to read one or both scriptures.

The Thursday Care group is made up of people who are willing to cook and serve meals to those who are in need. We need more volunteers to help us to continue to bless people with this need.

Maintaining the church plant is always an ongoing thing. If you happen to be skilled in any kind of maintenance or handy work, we’d love for you to join our team.

Do you have a listening ear and tender heart for those who are hurting? Join our Prayer Counsellors if you have a desire to pray with others.